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Always Exceeding Your Expectations

“It is extremely difficult to be a Medical Doctor. It is even more difficult to be a Medical Detective. This requires patience, time, and attention to detail. My life is now and has always been about patient care. The current healthcare system (billing insurance companies and Medicare) requires a physician to see a large number of patients every day and spend only 10 – 15 minutes per patient. So rather than billing insurance or Medicare I offer 2 MEMBERSHIP MODELS OF CARE (we are not an insurance company so patients must still be covered by a separate personal health insurance plan). This allows me to give you – the patient – the highest quality of care you need and deserve.”



Compassion For People

In a medical world gone awry, where every conceivable party – from the federal government to insurance and pharmaceutical companies, the clerks, and practice administrators – have invaded the physician-patient relationship, two very important things have gotten lost in the rush of today’s health care shuffle communication and trust.

Our mission here at Personal Healthcare of Naples, simply stated follows the “GOLDEN RULE”: To maintain a medical practice environment in which we can treat you the way we ourselves would like to be treated.


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Feel Healthy. Be Healthy.

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Dr. Fritz F. Lemoine MD, PA

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, into a family of physicians, Dr. Fritz Lemoine is no stranger to the meaning of the word “care”. The word itself holds true in his vision of how medicine should be practiced.

As a graduate of Vanderbilt University, George Washington University School of Medicine, The University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Residency program, and an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital in 1995 he took his knowledge and energy back to his home town in Clarksville, Tn.



What Our Patients Say

Healthcare in Naples Florida

The sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico bathes Naples in a warm glow as locals begin their day. While some head out on early morning runs along the beach, others unroll yoga mats to salute the sun.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and green juices wafts through the air. This picturesque scene epitomizes the health-conscious culture that has flourished in this southwest Florida paradise.

But what happens when this active, aging population needs more than downward dogs and wheatgrass shots to stay healthy?

How well is Naples equipped to care for residents and visitors when injuries, illnesses, and emergencies arise?

I decided to dig deeper into the landscape of healthcare and wellness in the Naples area. What I discovered is a community fully embracing both vitality and care from head to toe, from yoga mats to medicine cabinets.

Personal Healthcare Naples: Fusing Wellness and Medical Care

The relaxed resort-style vibe of Naples belies a city filled with state-of-the-art clinics, skilled medical specialists, and attentive caregivers.

With an average age hovering around 65 years old, Naples has prioritized building first-class healthcare infrastructure to serve its large retired population.

At the same time, wellness pursuits like healthy eating, fitness, and integrative medicine form a cornerstone of the Naples lifestyle.

Addressing the Health Needs of Residents, Visitors, and Seasonal Snowbirds

From couples holding hands as they meander down Fifth Avenue South to students soaking in the sunshine between classes at Florida Gulf Coast University to families building sandcastles at Lowdermilk Park, Naples hosts a diverse mix of demographics.

Baby boomer retirees can dominate the population, but younger professionals, university faculty and staff, tourism industry employees, and part-time seasonal residents all need access to top-quality care.

Personal Healthcare of Naples welcomes patients across generations by offering virtual visits, same-day appointments for injuries, infections, screenings, chronic disease management, and other concerns.

Their flexible weekday hours ensure residents can seek treatment around work schedules. Visitors escaping cold climates can even align annual check-ups, and preventative health screenings during Naples getaways.

And for the influx of snowbirds that descend upon Naples every winter, Personal Healthcare’s providers keep health conditions optimized so seasonal residents can best enjoy the sunny escape.

Blending Healthcare and Healthy Lifestyles in Naples

The laidback tropical essence that lured people to Naples remains infused in the community’s culture. But make no mistake – this paradise built along the Gulf also offers a stellar medical infrastructure to care for residents and visitors when wellness pursuits alone can’t heal the body.

Personal Healthcare of Naples at the intersection of vitality and care – where patients access both urgent treatment and innovative services fostering longevity.

Quality care waits just around the corner – bring comprehensive healing to this slice of coastal paradise.



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