Prime Monthly Membership Plan

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an alternative model improving access to high functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable monthly membership fee. No fee-for-service payments. No third party billing.

Patients can trust that their physician is accountable to them first and foremost and not to the insurance company. The main ingredient of DPC is an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider.

Prime Membership Benefits

Your Health Hub: The Versatility of Direct Primary Care Medical Services in Naples

It’s 2024 already, and with each new year comes tons of new resolutions. One of the typical New Year resolutions for the majority of people is working on positive well-being – mental and physical health!

While some get carried away within the initiating months, few individuals act towards improving their health, which forms a habit. And what could be better than developing a routine that brings you mental peace and strengthens your mind and body?

Just imagine the sun-soaked sidewalks and swaying palms of Naples, Florida exuding relaxation. But the laid-back vibe belies a bustling community home to professionals, families, and active retirees who all need access to top-notch healthcare.

Customized Primary Care: Concierge and Direct Medicine

The foundation of care from Personal Healthcare Naples stems from their concierge and direct primary care medical services.

Patients frustrated with short, rushed appointments at large practices find personalized care plans here extended visits to truly hear concerns, explain conditions, and outline prevention and treatment options.

Membership-based concierge service grants 24/7 access to your provider, same-day appointments when illness strikes, and dedicated coordination handling referrals, prescriptions, and hospital visits.

Patients can also opt for the direct primary care track, delivering the same attentive care through more flexible month-to-month memberships.

Complete Wellness Offerings: Diabetes Support and Internal Medicine

The skilled provider at Personal Healthcare Naples, Dr. Lemoine excels at optimizing well being from head to toe via internal medicine consults spanning nutrition, diabetes management, digestive health, personalized wellness plans, and more.

Your Whole Health Hub: Care Like No Place Else in Naples

Patients have access to a compassionate doctor who provides deeply attentive primary and preventative care.

Members tap into 24/7 support for illness while benefiting from wellness and longevity programs. Visitors gain prompt treatment for sports injuries, infections, and generalized pain in a relaxing environment. And the extensive selection of advanced aesthetics empowers comfortable, youthful revitalization without going under the knife.

Your Health Hub with Personal Healthcare Naples

Personal Healthcare Naples stands out with its personalized approach. Unlike traditional practices, we offer extended visits, concierge services, and flexible memberships for comprehensive and attentive care tailored to your needs.

Our concierge service provides 24/7 access to your healthcare provider, ensuring immediate attention to your concerns. With same-day appointments, dedicated coordination, and a personalized touch, we redefine the doctor-patient relationship for a more convenient and efficient experience.

While our services are primarily membership-based, patients can use their inussrance for labs, X-rays, imaging, and medications. Contact our office for a consultation, and we’ll work with you to ensure a smooth integration of our services with your insurance coverage.

Feel Healthy. Be Healthy.

Contact us today to request your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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